uses of modafinil

What are the potential uses of modafinil in psychiatric disorders?

For the past few years, psychiatrists have been promoting modafinil as a promising stimulant that enhances wakefulness in cases of narcolepsy, OSA, and SWSD. Another known function of modafinil as a safe and effective cognitive enhancer is also quite popular. Still, modafinil is hardly used for the treatment of any other illness than disorders related to sleep. But, recently, Some traces have been found that suggest modafinil effectiveness in psychiatrist disorders. It is mostly positive but tends to vary with different psychiatric measures. A study on the uses of modafinil on mood management gives away some data on how modafinil works as a mood stabilizer in unfavorable circumstances.

Modafinil effects on psychiatric disorders

The researchers carried out an experiment to find uses of modafinil to treat mood disorders, schizophrenia, ADHD, and substance-dependence. Compared to other similar drugs such as placebo, modafinil is found to be fast in achieving positive results. Still, its results are mostly variable on different cognitive and clinical measures. Modafinil is found to achieve results in a short time, say, within a week, but its effectiveness stabilizes throughout the span.

Modafinil is specifically successful in treating ADHD, depression, fatigue, cocaine use disorder, and cocaine dependency.

A case under shift work in laboratory circumstances developed modafinil influenced psychosis without having any psychiatric or medical disorders. The cases are recorded to develop psychosis or mania with a dose of 200mg to 400mg per day or higher doses than this.

Uses of modafinil

The use of Modafinil for claustrophobia is also taking the place in discussions among health care experts.

Claustrophobia is a mental disorder that raises fear of closed or confined places in the patient’s mind. When a claustrophobic person enters into a confined space, it gives them panic attacks or anxiety. Panic attacks due to claustrophobia resemble symptoms of sleep apnea. The patient tends to show physiological signs such as fear of fainting. The doctor may suggest modafinil doses to overcome such physiological fears.

How to take modafinil

The dosage will be purely based on your condition. For adults, a general dose of 100mg to 200mg is suggested by doctors in most cases with conditions regarding sleep disorders.

Buy modafinil 200mg cod if you got prescribed by your physician. Your physician can increase or decrease your dosage if you come under categories such as:

● A patient with heart problems
● Allergic to modafinil
● Is pregnant
● Is breastfeeding
● Taking other drugs

Take your doses regularly with or without foods as per your doctor’s suggestions.


We see that modafinil has the potential to be used for purposes other than sleep disorder treatments. Though modafinil shows positive effects on some psychiatric disorders, further studies are still required to determine the safety and efficacy of its use for such cases. However, if you suffer from sleep disorders, order modafinil online and use it after discussing it with your consultant.

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